Yoga Retreats + Teacher Training
Produce a weekend retreat or a longer teacher training just 1 hour from LA.
Nutritional Cooking Retreats
Organize a retreat focused on integrative nutrition.
Parent Teenager Retreats
Bring your teen to improve academic abilities using meditation, learn conflict resolution, and practice exercises that improve family dynamics
Corporate Retreats
Invite your team for teambuilding, getting away from the office, and learning meditation/yoga.
Lifestyle Change for Cancer
Bring a loved one and learn how to live with cancer by adding meditation, yoga, and mindful dieting to improve your chances.
Writing Retreats
Unlock your writing abilities and conquer blocks by coming to nature and using meditation/diet to enhance your abilities.
Digital Detox Retreats
Turn off all digital devices and get back in touch with the arts, nature, and your inner quietude.
Photography/Model Retreats
Attend a retreat where models can improve diet, mindfulness, and habits while improving portfolios.
Fitness Retreat
Produce a bootcamp
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