Corporate Wellness Program


iLiving is pleased to offer health and wellness at your company or organization!


Acknowledging that health and productivity are inextricably linked, our workplace wellness program presents a highly sustainable way for businesses to combat rising health care costs and offers effective strategies for workers to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

The iLiving Approach

While some wellness programs emphasize strict fitness and diet, our program offers a more comprehensive approach to address mental-emotional health and stress/lifestyle management. Human Resource professionals seeking a strategic return on wellness investment receive a myriad of benefits.


Our programs are preventative and aim to reduce direct and indirect health care costs by…


  • reducing workers compensation and disability claims with routine exercise

  •  reducing sick leave and pre-absenteeism with improved health conditions

  • reducing employee turnover with increased loyalty

  • reducing employee stress and fatigue with applied stress management techniques


  • Our programs are integrative to offer value-added benefits by…

  • improving employee productivity, creativity, and enthusiasm

  • improving employee communication and company morale

  • improving employees’ feelings of self-worth and overall well-being

Onetime Wellness Workshop

A onetime Wellness Workshop features a Neuroplasticity Meditation that helps to improve morale within organizations. It improves stress management techniques and contributes to conflict resolution. A portion of the workshop is also focused on illness prevention in an interactive question and response format. The sessions end with an empowering exercise to improve focus, clarity, and energy.

Multiple Symposiums

Symposiums can be weekly, monthly, or yearly. They include and are not limited to:


- Neuroplasticity Meditation

- Self Health Education

- Yoga classes

- Hypnotherapy

- Motivational Lectures

- Ayurveda & Allopathy

- Creative Workshops