Kundalini Hypnotherapy​tm

Sessions are uniquely catered to patrons' needs

Rates are based on a "pay it forward" model

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Kundalini Hypnotherapytm is a unique approach to eliminating pain & suffering. 

When the Kundalini is in optimal configuration, both mentally and physically, there is immediate progress within a practitioner's emotional and biological state of being.

An Ayurvedic yoga massage focused on the spine improves movement of interstitial fluids, hormones, nervous function, lymph, and blood. 

Hypnotherapy is catered to each individual and is basically a guided meditation. Of course, the same prescription doesn't work for everyone. Often, a preliminary discussion reveals the best route into the subconscious. Research is revealing how important the subconscious is to both physical (placebo effect) and emotional (mindfulness) health. 


I recently went through some personal issues and simultaneously met Indy Rishi Singh. It became clear to me, he was the person with whom I would do my first past life regression. Indy was an amazing guide. He never manipulated the session but facilitated it with such wisdom, grace and finesse, I felt completely safe throughout. It was a very powerful and insightful experience and I walked away with a renewed sense of clarity, compassion and self-love.

Guillerma M. - Owner of BHATI Space