Our Corporate Wellness Program accommodates organizations of all sizes, budgets, and needs. The following are offered in 3, 6, or 12 month contracts:


  • Corporate Classes

    • Group classes at your worksite

    • Classes offered:

      • Yoga

      • Stretch Class (workout clothes and mats NOT required)

      • Neuroplasticity Meditation (laughter)

      • Guided Breathing + Meditation

      • Group Fitness Classes


  • Corporate Wellness Workshops

  • Wellness workshops specific to your company’s/industry’s needs

  • Sample list of workshop topics:

    • Work – Life Stress Management

    • Sleep Well and Beat Fatigue

    • Relief from Work-Related Back and Neck Pain

    • Deep Listening for Effective Collaboration

    • Nonviolent Communication for Conflict Resolution

    • Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for Leadership

    • Practices to Stimulate Creativity

    • Seasonal Nutrition Planning

  • Integrative Programming

    • We highly encourage a tailored program that combines our various services above to synergistically improve individual employee wellness and collective productivity


We understand that every organization has a unique set of needs and company culture. We are happy to discuss with the HR department those needs and schedule a class demo at your workplace!


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